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BMW R75 Willys MB US M35 2.5-Ton Cargo Truck Manual

Motorized Military Vehicles

  In 1939, Germany began their invasion of Poland and hence started the Second World War. Different from the First World War, Machines of War completely changed the looks of the biggest war of the human history and produced many famous vehicles that war hobbyists love.

Mobilized Military Vehicles in WWII pack contains:
German BMW 75 side car motorcycles, US Willys Jeep, cargo truck

All machines in this pack are iProps. Through the built in Action Script and iAnimations, users can use the hot keys to move the vehicles forward, back or turn directly. With the design like this, users can arrange and compose the animations anyway they want to fully enjoy play to create.

The production of every iProps concentrates on the sense of speed and gravity when operating these machines. The true realism is displayed together with smoke and dust particle effects. It is definitely the pack that you must have.

For iClone 3.2 or above

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Product :
Motorized Military Vehicles

Pack includes :

Interactive Vehicle x 3
Prop X 18

File size : 232MB

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