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Fast and easy virtual setup, no need for a real set
Unlimited combinations for all kinds of custom demands
Virtual Studio Vol. 2

Virtual Studio for iClone allows you to produce like a Pro, surrounded with elaborate ceremony stages and official podiums. You may choose to give out commands in the Oval Office as the president, be an award recipient at the academy awards, or even hold an official press conference!

iClone is a powerful, yet easy-to-use 3D editor with the ability to create instant scenes with virtual actors that can become talking characters with recorded or imported audio. Use virtual characters with virtual sets for a totally immersive 3D production that adds style to any video project.

You may combine virtual sets with green screen footage or iClone popVideos for great professional results. Use yourself, or any other spokesperson without the need to spend on expensive on-location studio fees. You now have great advantage as your video becomes part of an iClone 3D editing environment where you may instantly change any set design without having to reshoot the video. Everything in Virtual Sets is movable, interchangeable and completely customizable with graphics and video footage.

Pack includes :
Bonus Project x 3
Oval Office prop x 16
Press room prop x 5
Stage prop x 27

File size : 74 MB
For iClone 4.12 or above!