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Special Features
4 Material Channels for easy replacement
Ground Decals for more realistic details
Exquisite texture detail for close up view
Terrain index table


Product : Terrains of the World

Inspired by classical scenes around the world, Reallusion presents these 10 height map terrains, 40 ground and vegetation textures in iClone material ball format plus 20 ground decals props for realistic terrains and scenes decoration and refinement. All 10 height map terrains were created using Earth Sculptor by generating two maps: height map and mask. With this pack, you can take advantage of the enhanced Height Map Terrain features in iClone.

Benefits of Height Map Terrain:

  • 256m x 256m in iClone world
  • Multiple texture tiles for easy replacement
  • Better real time rendering performance with the LOD
  • Exquisite texture details for close up view
  • Improved self-cast shadow quality
  • Physics ready for static props
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The default setting of UV tiling of all materials is set to 100. You may adjust the UV tiling setting to find the best result for your project or specific camera angle when you apply any material included.


1. The dam gate shown on the display page is our Freebie of July and is not included in this pack. You may download it for free in iClone Backstage. Download

2. All plants shown in the display gallery are from Total Plants and Gardening pack and are not included in this pack.

Pack includes :

  • Height Map Terrain x 10
  • Material x 40
  • Ground Decal Props x 26

File size: 511 MB
For iClone 5.5 or above!

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