Product : Super Hero Vol.1


From costumed crime fighters policing huge metropolises or special-power-endowed heroes, this Super Hero can fulfill any creative story you are working on! This pack includes a Super Hero character with 3 different Body Styles, as well as 10 props (including 8 Effects) and 27 accessories for the Super Hero character. With this pack , you can mix and match several different styles of heroes and characters to play an important role in saving the world from peril! With the 8 amazing special effects offered in this pack, you can create out-of-this-world super powers for your next action packed adventure film!


Pack includes :
Character x 1
Upper x 4
Lower x 1
Glove x 3
Shoe x 3
Accessory x 27
Prop x 2
Effect x 8
Alpha Texture x 1

Bonus Include
Prop x 1

File size : 46.5 MB
For iClone 4.1 or above!

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