Product Features

To quickly assemble a spaceship

Specially designed canopy opening and closing command. Versatile helmet design.
Combine Star Ship Components Kit with others packs to create amazing fighters!
Product : StarShip Components Kit

The props of this pack are edited from popular sci-fi movies and tv-series. You can freely and quickly assemble all kinds of creative star ships.

You can't find cockpit this delicate in Google. Also, you can easily drag any video to the specially designed MFD (Multi Function Display) panel so it will even more lifelike.

This is the pack that you can't afford to miss if you are planning to shoot Sci-fi starship and fighter videos.

Some of the texture of the props in this pack are from Total Materials Vol.7 Science Fiction

Pack includes :
Bonus x 9 (3 Cockpit iProps)
Body x 6
Wing x 26
Engine x 19
Cockpit x 11 (2 Cockpit iProps)
Helmet x 1

File size : 11.3 MB

For iClone 4.12 or above!

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