Product : Interior Elements Vol. 2 - Residential Space
Multi-purposed building components.
Easy to set up, professional result!
Customize your materials with specially designed UV maps
Your ideal tool for househood scene creation.

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This props pack is designed especially for residential decoration purposes. It includes almost the required construction materials for interior decoration design, such as outdoor elements, doors, windows,interior decor, walls and stairs. Please take a look at our Help also. It lists many Hints and Tips for iClone. They are results that have been proven helpful. These Help will be a great help and save precious time of yours when your are making interior designs.

*This pack does not include kitchen, furniture, plants, sky, water, and city background.


Pack includes :
Door x 5

Door-Knob x 2
Window x 6
Chandelier x 2
Curtain x 10
Edge Board x 7
Pillar x 5
Screen x 3
Balcony x 3
Fence x 4
Pavilion x 1
Ceiling x 6
Roof x 1
Floor x 7
Wall x 21
Stair x 12

File size : 74 MB
For iClone 4.2 or above!

*Know more about iContent v.s. Export