Product : Special Effects Vol.1 - Warfare


This pack includes 7 kinds of warfare effects such as missile launches, muzzle fire, sparks from collisions, explosions, jet engine thrusts, Sci Fi backgrounds, and much more! Control the timing of your effects with the simple to use right-click menus.

Have the same special effects like those found in classic movie scenes like Lightsabre battles, robots firing missiles, machine guns laying down suppressing fire, Rayguns blasting away buildings, energy shields, and much more! Your movies will be taken to the next level visual quality with these amazing effects!

Some items of this pack use animated dummies with moving particles to produce more realistic effects!!!

You can also use 3DXchange to connect to Google 3D Warehouse to download thousands of free props and convert them to VNS at your disposal.

Pack includes :

•39 iProps
   - Attack Effect x 6
   - Background Effect x 3
   - Energy Effect x 5
   - Engine Effect x 7
   - Explosion Effect x 8
   - Flame Effect x3
   - Spark Effect x7

File size : 12.40 MB

For iClone 4.30 or above!