Product Features

Quickly assemble any spaceship scene

Use default categories and apply diverse materials to change each look and purpose
Create Sci-Fi style screen animation with Motion Design Elements
Product : Interior Elements Vol. 1
- Outer Space

This pack includes two basic scenes for shooting a film in a Spaceship; Bridge Deck and Cargo Bay. It also includes a number of high texture props: Cargo, Ceiling, Wall, Floor, Pillar, Door, Work Station, Command Seat, Table and Window. You can easily assemble many different styles for an interior spaceship scene look. The automatic doors can even open and close in different directions using the right click command.

Some of the prop textures in this pack are fromTotal Materials Vol.7 Science Fiction

Pack includes :
57 x Props (3 iProp doors)
2 x Projects

File size : 102 MB
For iClone 4.12 or above!

Not included in this pack:
Characters, Robots