Product : City Elements - Medieval Village Vol.1

The design of City Elements is to create an open and dynamic design for users to utilize props as building blocks. They can invent their town according to their will to make a set suitable to film. You can use any conveyance and characters to act in the set. You can also use 3DXchange to connect to Google 3D warehouse to download thousands of free props and convert them to iProp at your disposal.

This pack provides medieval elements for users to construct classic villages for their filming needs. We also added Ground System that can be composed and connected. It includes three sets of flat grounds and a set of winding watercourses. Floating water is provided so users have more choices to construct the required filming sets. Furthermore, we have kept the parent structure for the doors and objects of some buildings and all the carts, so users can move, rotate, show, or hide the related objects according to their filming needs.

About Ground Systems
Water is not included in this pack. Please use iClone's default water if you need water.

Pack includes :

Ground Systems
Dirt Path x 6
Dirt Ground x 6
Stone Path x 6
River Course x 3
Land x 6
Mountain x 3
Building x 17
Facility x 6
Barn X 6
Fence and Wall x 11
Stall and Tent x 9

Tombstone x 8
Transportation x 5
Farm-related Object X 20

Horses, characters, sky dome, trees and grasses are not included.

File size : 101 MB
For iClone 3.1 or above