Creature Base -
Horse & Tack Theme Pack
Unbridled quality & performance
This is the upgraded Horse and Tack pack. We have added the advanced functions and easy-to-use elements of iClone 4 to this pack. This pack can only be installed on iClone 4.0 or above.
The horse is now a Non-Human character.
You can edit new motion and animate it freely.
Added AML control. You can now control the motion of the horse using mouse and Hot key
New Spring Tail
Creature Base Bonus:You  can attach accessories to the bones of the horse and create a horse with new looks
New Horse Motions

Product :
Creature Base -
Horse & Tack Theme Pack

Pack includes :

Nude horse x 3 (Thoroughbred, Arabian Horse, Farm Horse)

Full loaded horse x 7 (Thoroughbred, Arabian Horse, Farm Horse)

Horse Base x 1

Horse motion x 31 (Resting, Grazing, Look right rear, Look right, Walk, Gallop, Pesade, Canter…, and many more )

Character motion x 13 (Pat The Horse, Riding, Patrol on the horse..., and many more)

Props x 7 (Wagon, Milk churn...)

Accessory x 19 (Saddle, Harness, Wagon, Milk churn, Stirrups, Whip...)

How to use horse motions?

How to mount/dismount a horse?

How to use the Horse Base?

How to equip a wagon to a horse?

How to move a horse by using the hotkeys?
Texture Editing
The robust "Thoroughbred', elegant "Arabian Horse", and obedient "Farm Horse", each horse will display incomparable Bump muscle and detailed skin texture. We also provide a horse with saddle and harness binding to it, and a nude horse, so the users can either ride the horse directly or enjoy accessorizing the horse themselves.
Each breed of the horse comes with "Nude" and "Full loaded". You can accessorize the nude horse with different saddles while a full loaded horse is already bound with the saddle and harness so it can be ridden immediately.
All the Reallusion horses were Live Props before iClone 3. They can only be used as props, and all the horse motions were attached to the horse. Although it's easy to use, but the file size for the horses was pretty big. It was a waste to the memory resource.
In iClone4, all the objects with Rig bones such as dragon, horse, and lamp can be used as characters. From now on, motions are separated from characters. Not only the file size of characters becomes smaller, but the motions can be applied to horses directly. You can simply buy horse motions without buying the whole character in the future. This is a revolution for all iClone animal characters. However, it's not compatible with previous iClone versions, so we have remake the horses. It is for iClone or above.
For iClone 3 users, we still keep the horses for old versions. Please take a look at our Horse and Tack Theme Pack for more information. The old version horses are still Live Props, and they lack 12 horse motions, 2 character motions and a creature Base that we added to this updated pack.
Besides the newly added items that were mentioned above, we also remade the tail of the horse. Not only did we make the mesh and texture softer and more realistic, we also made use of the new Spring function of iClone 4 and increased the number of bone segments to the horse tail. The program will now calculate the mass, strength, and bounciness of the tail when the horse is moving.

File size : 195MB
For iClone 4.0 or above !

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