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City Elements - Forsaken Town

This pack offers a variety of elements commonly seen in horror/thriller movies. Unlike clean everyday towns, the visual concept of this pack is dark and decaying.

Users may use the elements in this pack to construct their own terror scenes in minutes. The theme of the pack is based on a deserted town that has had no living residents for decades.

For outdoor scenes there is a main street, plus 6 different building styles, 2 abandoned stores and an assortment of street objects. For indoor scenes there is a church, a public restroom, a porch and 2 shabby rooms.

Our production team as taken great care in delivering high visual quality in many textures which will undoubtedly provide high usability for this pack.

We really believe that you will find this pack worth collecting. Enjoy!

Pack includes :
5 Corner Spaces
Porch Washroom
Shabby space A Church
Shabby space B  
6 Buildings
2 Shops
27 Props

File size : 258 MB
For iClone 4.3 or above!

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