Segment Skirt Template Skirt with Texture Dynamic Fashion

Flowing Skirt Elements Vol. 1

This pack provides flowing skirt segments with Spring which can make the clothing of your characters more realistic. In addition to the individual skirt segments, we also offer the Skirt Template with single color as well as the skirt with Diffuse, Glow, and Opacity textures. With this pack, it is very easy to create your very own fashion, and experience the visual aesthetics like never before.

Flowing Skirt Piece
Within the pack, each piece is depicted by length, cut, shape, and stiffness, so users can choose from different types of skirt segments and combine them according to their will.
Skirt Template
Composed of various styles of white skirt segments, this sample can be attached to various parts of the character´s body. You can also use your own materials to quickly customize your own skirt.
Skirt with Texture
This sample adds Diffuse, Glow, Opacity textures to the Skirt Template. We also offer Materials and Textures to help you design beautiful dresses and other fashion.
The motions that are used in the demo come from
"Stage Dances for Continuous Shot" and "Stage Dances in Variety".
Flowing Skirt Elements Vol. 1
Pack includes :
Segment X 26
     Short X 8
     Medium X 8
     Long X 10
Skirt Template X 28
Skirt with Texture X 28
Sample Material X 28
     Skirt Segment X 14
     Upper X 14
Lower X 1
     Inner Skirt
Total File size : 26.5 MB
For iClone 4 or above

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