A. Combine the ground systems
  Much like assembling a puzzle, place the ground planes together to manipulate it as one unit.
A-1 Our ground planes all measure 500 at the base which allows you to easily use the transform tool tolink each floor section seamlessly without requiring much fine-tuning.
A-2 Place the ground planes via the Move Transform menu, arrange in any different combination and bring in water to your stage to create a beautiful custom riverside town.
  B. Attachable Building Block System
  Import various buildings and position them wherever you'd like.
  C. Adorn your city

Adjustable doors and windows

  The doors and windows of each building are sub-props of the house which means you can open and close them as you’d like and alter the pivot point to rotate in a different direction.
C-2 Interior light effect
  You can also light up the windows on the houses. Select the "Glow" texture map and adjust its strength to get this effect. For multiple windows, you can simply collect the color from the first window and transfer the same properties to the others.

C-3 Using props as animal cages
  The baskets are empty so you can place anything you'd like in them...including live chickens!
C-4 A poetic atmosphere
  You can also apply special effects to enhance your scenes.


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