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Occupations Series - Career Gears


Product : Occupations Series - Career Gears

This pack contains props and accessories for 5 different occupations including Firefighting, Law Enforcement, Work Crew, Medical Services, and Food & Hospitality.
This pack provides elements of everyday life. You can use these common accessories to quickly enhance realistic, multi-character films that employ various professions. Furthermore, don't just apply these accessories to characters inside iClone, but also feel free to drag them to Character Creator directly from the iClone Content Library, or from the file folder, and save them as .ccAccessory for future use!
We also provide props with special function which you can activate using the right click menu (such as Link to Character, Turn on, Turn off) so making films is easier and quicker.

Pack includes :

  • Prop X 51
  • iAccessory X 17
File Size: 19.4MB

Compatible with: iClone 3.1 above
(to use with Character Creator, please upgrade to iClone 6.42 above)
Note: This content pack was re-packed from the previous Career Roles content pack, which has been discontinued.