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Hair & Accessories for iClone & Character Creator

Realistic Dynamic Hair Physics Accessories Working with All Characters

Product : Hottest Hairstyles

This is no ordinary hairstyle collection! This fabulous pack includes 7 gorgeous hairstyles and 10 elegant physics-ready accessories that really demonstrate the fantastic level of flowing hair available in iClone 6.

The hair sets and accessories are all in iAccessory format, so you can apply them to both iClone and Daz characters. If you think those hairstyles are too conservative, feel free to change the hair color and accessories to create more styles for your characters.
Try using these physics-ready hairstyles and accessories together with our new motions such as 'Suave & Charming' or any other motion pack on your characters to see the revolutionary improvement of 3D animation.
Pack includes:

• Physics Hair(Female) x5


• Physics Hair(Male) x2

• Physics Accessories x 10


Each hair & accessory comes with 2 formats: for iClone or Character Creator. But CC Hair can only be used in Character Creator.


Author : Reallusion
File size : 56.4 MB (For iClone 6.2 or above!)

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List Price:
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