CrazyTalk SFX Pack - Volume I

The CrazyTalk SFX Pack - Volume I includes 4 complete categories of 101 effects updated for CrazyTalk 4.5 (or above) Media Studio Edition, offering Facial Action, Full Screen, Illustration and Transition effects at a premium price. Try the special offer now!

Product: CrazyTalk SFX Pack - Volume I
Price: $29.95
File size: 5.17 MB

1. Required CrazyTalk 4.5 (or above) Media Studio or CrazyTalk 5.0 PRO Edition.
2. After you have installed the Volume I pack, click the SFX track in Timeline area. The Special Effects dialog will open. Click Template, and then Modifiable. In the drop-down menu, you will find the new 101 special effects divided into 4 categories: Facial Action, Full Screen, Illustration, and Transition. See location

Facial Action
The Facial Action SFX includes 37 effects of emotions and facial expressions, such as anger, tearing, dreaming, kissingíK etc, allowing your talking head to show various and fantastic comic effects.
Full Screen
The Full Screen SFX includes 21 effects, allowing you to add objects or comic effects within the display screen, such as snowing or a butterfly circling around your head.
The Illustration SFX includes 22 effects, allowing you to demonstrate specific object image or text subtitle, a very useful tool to introduce any sample images to your audience.
The Transition SFX includes 20 effects to introduce images with transition effects, and thus make CrazyTalk a powerful demonstration tool for various purposes.
You can find how the special effects work in the sample Showcase.
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Facial Action Effect List (37)
1.Group 1
Emerge01 - Emerge at top left
Emerge02 - Emerge at top right
Emerge03 - Emerge at top central
Emerge04 - Emerge from center, multiple images
Emerge05 - Emerge from center, single image
2.Group 2
Drop - Drop down from top right
Kiss01 - Kiss on left cheek
Kiss02 - Kisses on right and left cheeks
Shining - Shining around head
Tear - Single tear from left
Tears - Tears from left and rightt
3.Group 3
Angry01 íV Angry symbol from mouth
Angry02 íV Angry symbol continuously from mouth
Dream íV Dreaming Symbol
Message_L - Message at left
Message_R - Message at right
Shout - Shouting
Sleep_L - Sleeping symbol at left
Sleep_R - Sleeping symbol at right
Talk_L - Continuous talking at left
Talk_L1 - Talking to left
Talk_R - Continuous talking at right
Talk_R1 - Talking to right
Thinking01 íV Thinking symbol
Thinking02 íV Multi thinking symbols
4.Group 4
Boring01 íV Support chin with left hand
Boring02 - Support chin with both hands
Boring03 íV Support chin with right hand
Eating íV Eating, drinking or smoking
Hit - Hit
Pray01 - Signing the cross
Pray02 - Praying
Slap - Slapping
Wear01 - Wearing glasses
Wear02 - Wear a hat
Wipe01 - Wiping tear at right
Wipe02 - Wiping with both hands

Full Screen Effect List (21)
1.Group 1
Feather - Falling down like feather
Fly_downA - Fly down at left
Fly_downB - Fly down at left with motion blur
Fly_left1 - Fly from left to right
Fly_left2 - Two images fly from left to righ
tFly_left2A - Two images fly from left to right with motion blur
Fly_left3 - Three images fly from left to right
2.Group 2
Hop01 - Hopping, single image
Hop02 - Hopping, two images
3.Group 3
Surrond01~06 íV Numerous surround effects
4.Group 4
Wave - WavingCrowd - large crowd of people
DownFly - Drop down and fly out, multi images
Fly01A - Fly in and out, tiny image
Fly01B - Fly in and out, large image
Fly02A - Fly in and out, multi tiny images
Fly02B - Fly in and out, multi large images
Illustration Effect List (22)
1.Group 1
In_Top_1 - Fly in to top central and disappear
InOut_LT - Fly in to top left and disappear
InOut_Top - Fly in from bottom to top central and disappear
2.Group 2
In_Bottom - Fly in to bottom central and disappear
In_Center - Fly in to center and disappear
In_Top_2 - Fly in to top central and disappear, flat image
Shake - Fly in to bottom central, shake, and disappear
3.Group 3
LB_Motion - Motion to bottom left and disappear
Left_Right - Cross fly in and out horizontally
Top_Bottom - Cross fly in and out vertically
4.Group 4
LB_Appear - Appear at bottom left horizontally
LT_Appear - Appear at top left vertically
RB_Appear - Appear at bottom right horizontally
RT_Appear - Appear at top right vertically
5.Group 5
LB_Fly - Multi images fly in to bottom left
LT_Fly - Multi images fly in to top left
RB_Fly - Multi images fly in to bottom right
RT_Fly - Multi images fly in to top right
6.Group 6
Subtitle_B - Horizontal subtitle at bottom
Subtitle_L - Vertical subtitle at left
Subtitle_R - Vertical subtitle at right
Subtitle_T - Horizontal subtitle at top


Transition Effect List (20)
1.Group 1
In_Fly_B - Fly in to bottom
In_Fly_B1 - Fly in to bottom with motion blur
Out_Fly_B - Fly out to bottom
Out_Fly_B2 - Fly out to bottom with motion blur
2.Group 2
In_Fly_T - Fly in to top
In_Fly_T1 - Fly in to top with motion blur
Out_Fly - Fly out to top
Out_Fly_T2 - Fly out to top with motion blur
3.Group 3
Cross_1 - Cross fly in from corner to center
Cross_2 - Cross fly in and circle
Cross_3 - Cross fly in vertically
Cross_4 - Cross fly in horizontally
Flicker íV Image flicker
In_Center - Concentrate to center
InOut_Fly_L - Fly in from bottom left, enlarge and fly out to top left
InOut_Fly_R - Fly in from bottom right, enlarge and fly out to top right