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Filmset & Props - Classic Living Room

Filmset & Props - Classic Living Room

Author: Hana Montana
File size: 23.6MB
For iClone 2.5 or above
iContent List Price : $19.95

Pack Description

The purpose of Filmset and Props is to establish the concept of a movie studio so you can construct the filmset anyway you want. This series introduces more delicate textures to design props and partitions to satisfy your need to shoot the film closely.

The specially designed props set combines the floor with some of the furniture so you can construct only the partition to create a complete set quickly. Furthermore, you can use the scale, rotate, and move function in iClone to control the partition allocation of the set, and create a perfect indoor set suitable to your needs.

The classic style living room combines elegant fireplace, carpet, some traditional furniture with modern appliances. You can quickly and efficiently create the modern living room with classic style.


Pack includes

‧ 22Props (Fireplace, Carpet, TV...)
‧ 13D Scene (Classic Living Room)



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