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Jesus' Life

Jesus' Life

Author: Escalada Studio
File size: 39MB
For iClone 2.5 or above
iContent List Price : $69.95

Pack Description

It's the most famous story in the World - a life of Jesus Christ from Nazareth. Amazing views of ancient Judea, Jerusalem's Temple, eastern markets and Last Supper reconstruction from Leonardo. Pack includes: Clothe sets - Jesus, Mary Magdalena, 12 apostles, roman warriors; 4 Accessories - a Cross, roman helmet, spear, shield; Props - houses, street and Temple landscapes, storebanges, a well, Temple, Last Supper room and landscape, table, plates&food; 1 Pose - crusifiction; 1 Animation- bearing a cross.


Pack includes

‧ 7Cloth Sets

‧ Upper texture - 16 Diffuse, 16 Opacity

‧ Shoes texture - 1 Diffuse, 1 Opacity

‧ 4Accessories
‧ 12Props
‧ 2Motions
* Not included in this pack:
  Characters & Hair not included.


Some items in this pack require base models that can only find in content packs to function correctly. If you do not have the following base contents, you may get incorrect results.

The require models can be found in the following pack(s):
Clone Cloth Vol.1 Jack Overcoat , Shoes Pack Clone Cloth Vol.1


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