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Sexy Girls

Sexy Girls

Author: Bernita
File size: 10.6MB
For iClone 2.5 or above
iContent List Price : $29.95
iContent Special Price : $20.97

Pack Description

Add this selection of 6 sexy short dresses to your outfits collection. This pack also includes 2 textures for CloneCloth Shoes Pack v1 (wedage heel), 5 textures for Fancy Footwear (boot 02), and 9 lower skin textures to make more attractive legs (refer to the iClone tutorial to guide you about skin texture assembling).


Pack includes

‧ 6Cloth Sets (Mallorie, Marlene, Melissa, Melodie, Morjane, Myrielle)

‧ Upper texture - 6 Diffuse, 6 Opacity

‧ Skin texture - 9 Diffuse

‧ Shoes texture - 7 Diffuse, 4 Opacity

* Not included in this pack:
  Hairs and characters are not included in this pack


Some items in this pack require base models that can only find in content packs to function correctly. If you do not have the following base contents, you may get incorrect results.

The require models can be found in the following pack(s):
Clone Cloth Vol.1 Jane Gown


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