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DSV ALVIN - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

DSV ALVIN - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Author: Ric
File size: 12.8MB
For iClone 4.2 or above
iContent List Price : $50

Pack Description

Sail Hatch Open
Manipulator Arm
Main Prop
Left Attitude Prop
Right Attitude Prop

Explore the depths of the ocean.

You can Perform moves,
operating the left and right attitude thrusters,
the Main propeller "On" and "Off" and turn left and right
Open and close the Sail Hatch
Positioning the manipulator arm straight out and left or right
Open and close gripper jaws on the manipulator arm.

Scene File
AML Scripts for each moving part


Pack includes

‧ 12Props (ALVIN moving Parts and SeaDome)
‧ 1iAnimation (DSV ALVIN 04.iProject)
‧ 11DramaScripts (AML Scripts for each moving part)



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