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The HEROIX: Heroic G3 Male & Female

The HEROIX: Heroic G3 Male & Female

Author: General Picture
File size: 65.3MB
For iClone 4.2 or above
iContent List Price : $30

Pack Description

We're all looking for a hero, right? Well, relax! They've arrived, and they're out of this world. At least, P'rrah is. Half-Vegan, you know, where the ladies always have the blues. Then there's Meade, from Ganymeade. He designed the generators on their chests and backs. Together, they're THE HEROIX: ready for piratical adventures in a distant nebula. Amphibious suits shield them just as well in deep waters as in deep space. Their helmets feature a heads-up display that you can animate with video textures. These are iClone G3 characters. YOU can customize their faces, skin, and clothing for piracy in the Carribean, for drama in Zeus's palace on Mount Olympus, or for mischief on the streets of Paris. Crafted in ZBrush by General Picture, these are the best-proportioned characters available for "yourcinema." NOTE: You can purchase heroic gloves and boots for these characters from Reallusion's Backstage Store.


Pack includes

‧ 2Characters (Muscular Male and Female characters)
‧ 7Accessories (space (or undersea) helmet, backpack generator, power amulet, belt, holsters, nose ring. Already attached to the characters)



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