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DressWizard Dynamic

DressWizard Dynamic

Author: Mike Aparicio - Apparition - EstudioA
File size: 389MB
For iClone 4.12 or above
iContent List Price : $120

Pack Description

The most advanced G3 female clothing kit for G3 characters, compatible with iClone 3 and 4. Based on multi-layered design, includes templates to create custom clothing and an impressive collection of finished elegant samples.

Note: DressWizard hair is NOT interchageable among all DressWizard characters.


Pack includes

‧ 22Characters (16 finished samples and 6 multi-layered templates)
‧ 14Upper Bodies (Allowing mixing then with all the Lower Combos supplied!)
‧ 12Lower Bodies (Multi-layered samples for endless combinations)
‧ 10Pairs of Shoes (Shoe samples and templates)
‧ 14Accessories (Hair accessories and collars are included, plus replacement Control Accessories)
‧ 18Materials (Sets plus the complete set of Avatar templates)
* Not included in this pack:
  All included!



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