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Hollywood Skirts

Hollywood Skirts

Author: Bigboss
File size: 51.1MB
For iClone 3.2 or above
iContent List Price : $35.99
Export Price(?) : $64.8

Pack Description

The Package contains a Skintight Hollywood skirt Cloth with built in user adjustable skirt dynamics plus 6 Avatars fully textured by Alley. The Upper Cloth is Dual Layer while the Lower Cloth is a full 4 layers Cloth for texturing Skin, Panties or Leggings, Underskirt and Skirt. The Underskirt and Skirt have skirt dynamics built in so that the user can actually adjust the FLEX factor and geometry of the skirt. Furthermore, the user can set key frames on the skirts geometry to create special effects such as the famous Marilyn Metro Wind Blow seen in the DEMO video! The Cloth also includes gloves that can be textured by the user within iClone.


Pack includes

‧ 7Characters (1 Cloth plus 6 Fully Textured Avatars)



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