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Laboratory Prop Set

Laboratory Prop Set

Author: Raven2angel
File size: 3.35MB
For iClone 2.5 or above
iContent List Price : $8.25

Pack Description

Laboratory Prop Set
Ideal for medical dramas or setting the scene for your brilliant or mad scientists.

For use with iclone 2.5 or above
1 Tiled Room 3D Scene & 7 Props


Pack includes

‧ 7Props (4 Metal furnishings, 2 Medical wall charts and one anatomy model)
‧ 13D Scene (Tiled Room)
* Not included in this pack:
  All items included (one of each metal furniture piece)

1 3D scene Tiled room, for iclone 2.5 (will open as a prop in iclone 3)
1 Metal Fridge
2 Metal Worktop units (1 with shelves, 1 with drawers)
1 Metal Workbench/autopsy table
1 Anatomy model
2 Medical wall charts



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