Product : Transportation Series- Modern Vehicles Vol.2

Drive your animation to the top of the rankings! This pack contains 6 modern vehicles: Convertible, Ambulance, Bicycle, Pickup Truck, Motorcycle and Bus, all in cartoonish comic styles. Every vehicle's front and side are included in the pack so that you may properly apply them to your scenes and stories. Every vehicle prop is located in the correct layer so that you may have characters properly enter and exit the vehicle. You may also playback embedded animations such as doors, tires and windshield wipers to make your projects more vivid. You'll be honking your horn with delight at how great, and useful this pack is!

CrazyTalk Animator iProps have at least 2 sprites. Users can freely switch between sprites in the Sprite Editor at any time.
CrazyTalk Animator iProps have multiple sprites and are controlled by commands. Users can choose different commands from the Action Menu at any time.

• 6 modern vehicles:
- Convertible
   - Ambulance
   - Bicycle
   - Pickup Truck

   - Motorcycle
   - Bus
• 2 Bonus - Riding Bicycle Motions (front and side)

Each vehicle consists of a number of props. The pack has a total of 176 props.

Author : Reallusion
File size : 9.64 MB
Required : CrazyTalk Animator 1.2 or above

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