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Dress Up 2 - Work Wear : 3D Clothing for Talking Avatar

3D Clothing - Work Wear for CrazyTalk

3D Clothing

3D Clothing - Work Wear for CrazyTalk

Characters on display are not included in the pack.

Works Great with All Kinds of Character Types

Despite being an original design for real human actors, this pack can also deliver great fun when combining with other character type. See a dramatic change when applying professional outfits to cartoon or animal characters!
This pack combines well with the following add-ons :
Talking Avatar with 3D Clothing for CrazyTalk
Realistic Human Cartoon Actor Stylized Character


Product : Dress Up 2 - Work Wear

This Work Wear dress pack can most definitely pimp out your CrazyTalk 8 characters, giving them tons of possibility to impersonate your favorites actors, friends, or family, with highly authentic looks. They can also be applied to different character types no matter if it's a real-human, cartoon or animal character. These clothes bring a huge possibility when building distinctive talking actors.

This pack combines well with the following add-ons :
Notice :
For iClone and Character Creator users who already own the Professional Outfit pack, you will able to import CC Characters (iAvatar) into CrazyTalk 8 after the release of CrazyTalk 8.1 (scheduled at July 2016).
Pack includes : ctiBody x 36
ctiAccessory x46

Author : Reallusion
File Size : 384 MB
Required : CrazyTalk 8.03 or above
Note : This pack is only for CrazyTalk users, clothing, accessories and items in this content pack will not export to iClone, or Character Creator.


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