Cloud Animator is the only interactive media service that allows you to fully own your projects, and use them under any condition. This design sets it aside from other on-line media services, truly allowing corporations, schools, and institutes to freely build, distribute, and use their creations made with Cloud Animator.


Inside the the downloaded project folder, you will find a "index.html" file. Simply drag the index.html file into any browser to playback even without an internet connection.
This way you will get a smoother viewing experience when viewing projects offline and in full screen mode. This display is mode is best for kiosks, digital displays, tradeshows, and public events.

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  • Your downloaded projects can be integrated into your web pages by simply placing them in specified server folders, and embedding them into your webpage via an embed code.
  • You can also use your own MP4 videos instead of YouTube links if you don’t want any interruptimg AD message to appear.
  • Once the project is downloaded, you have full management rights over your own creation. You can even change it’s logo and logo link to tailor to your own branding requirements.

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