Animate and Create

With Cloud Animator, your rich media assets can be packaged into one interactive project. The ready-made templates allow you to quickly animate on any browser, while you can also use the timeline editor to precisely control the media playback sequence.  In addition to easy animation, you can add background music, sound clips, turn text into audio files, even embed YouTube video into your online projects!


Share to Any Device

There is no installation or download required, as it is all browser-based. Your interactive projects can be sent and shared to all devices, or you can choose to embed them to web pages or publish them on social media. Viewers can directly playback and interact with it on any webpage, or rotate their mobile phone to view it in full screen like a video. With the built-in UI, viewers can also freely jump to other slides or choose to navigate to specific ones.


Get Interactive

Cloud Animator is designed for instant interaction, so that you can get an quick response or link back. It turns any image, object, or text into an action command to have viewers directly call, email, message, or visit a web site. Cloud Animator sets itself apart from linear web videos, as it vies you the freedom to let viewers choose their own viewing path, while bringing you immediate feedback.




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