New to Character Creator (CC)
  • Auto-rigging for multi-mesh characters.
  • Powerful and intuitive pose controls.
  • Extensive motion library for unlimited posing.
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Pose Link between CC and ZBrush

This Character Creator plugin can directly send poses to ZBrush.  Learn More

* To properly connect ZBrush Pose Link to ZBrush, make sure to also install the ZBrush Pose Tools plugin.

Pose Management in ZBrush

This ZBrush plugin can build and manage a pose library for your ZBrush characters.  Learn More

* Compatible with Pixologic ZBrush 2021, Maxon ZBrush 2023.x_Betax, Maxon ZBrush 2022 and above.

Update History  

Feature Comparison (With and Without Character Creator)
ZBrush + Pose Tools ZBrush + Character Creator + Pose Tools
One-click pose applicationOO
Pose library expansionOO
Record new posesOO
Convert layers to posesOO
Pose detail refinementOO
Detail layers for matching posesOO
Auto rig multi-mesh model & skin weightXO
One-click subdivisionXO
Extract poses from motionXO
FK, IK, & hand gesture controls XO
Auto-attach hard surface itemsXO
Physics simulationXO