What Do You Wish to Do With Character Creator (CC)?

Character Creator is FREE 3D character creation tool, but if you wish to get the best productivity from it like using the custom design feature to create your own unique assets, or using it to output valuable characters and outfits to other 3D tools, then you can choose the most suitable solution from the following packages.

*A new generation of Character Creator is coming! If you are looking for texture and polygon optimization functions, or built-in pipeline functions with GoZ and OBJ/FBX export capabilities, then you can choose the upcoming Character Creator 3 Pipeline.

Application Test out All Features Animate in iClone Cross Platform Solution
Software Required

Character Creator Lite

CC Lite

Facial & Body Animation

CC + iClone

Character Generation Pipeline

CC 3 Pipeline
Import OBJ / FBX
  • Design Your Own Morph & Cloth from Other 3D Tools
Export iAvatar
  • Animate Characters in iClone
Export OBJ
  • Create Your Own Character Morph
  • 3D Texture Paint in 3rd Party Tools
5 Times of Trial Export
- FBX with maximum
30-sec motion
Export FBX
  • Export CC Character and Outfit to Other 3D Tools or Game Engines
  • Modify Designs from Existing Character Assets
Publish to Sketchfab
  • Publish Characters Directly to Sketchfab via FBX format
No Expiration
Ability to Purchase Contents  
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Trial Content for 3D Character

This pack is for trial CC content usage, especially for CC Lite users who can still try out the functionality of CC even when they are unable to purchase contents. There is one thing to be noted, since this is for trial usage then you will see a distinctive watermark displayed in the 3D view, this happens when applying trial contents on a character. Also, you can only preview the trial content inside CC Lite: you will not be able to save them to your Content library, or modify them.

Pack Includes:

  • Clothes x 28
    • Shirt x 5
    • Pants x 5
    • Skirt x 3
    • Coat x 5
    • Shoes x 5
    • Others x 5
  • Morph Slider x 30
3D clothing, shoes and gloves for 3D character
3D clothing collection for 3D character
  • Independent Trial folder in categories
3D clothing for 3D character - trial
  • Trial content will be marked “Trial” once applied
Morph for 3D character - trial
  • Sliders of Trial content will be marked in purple inside the Modify Panel

Note: The items within the trial pack are selected from the following content packs. Choose the above package to upgrade your CC Lite to the full version, to disable the trial content watermark you will need to purchase the following corresponding content packs.

Character Creator - CC Essential Complete Bundle

CC Essential
Complete Bundle

3D Clothing - Professional Outfits for 3D Character

Professional Outfits

Character Creator - Stylized Starter Pack

Stylized Starter Pack

License Requirements to Export CC into FBX file

FBX Output and Content Export Rights 

  • No export license is required if users FBX-export default cloth content from CC.
  • For CC Assets sold in the Reallusion Content Store and Marketplace, you will need to purchase the corresponding Export License in order to export them to FBX format.
    • Export license is required for exporting sold assets in the following formats: iAvatar, ccMorph, ccCloth

Know more About Export License  

Cloth Modification from the Existing DRM Content (those which you have purchased an Export License)

  • Credit to The Original Cloth Mesh Designer
    • If you did not change the mesh name and topology of the cloth mesh, then the UID of the cloth will not be changed. That means Reallusion will treat it as the same cloth mesh base when you share or sell your new cloth design in the Reallusion Marketplace or Content Store.
    • With this method, the original designer will be credited, and be able to sell his/her base mesh when users buy your cloth content. Your content become it’s derivative content.
    • Reallusion encourages content collaboration and profit sharing, that is the main purpose of this approach if your modified design is based on others' creative efforts.
  • Make Your Own Cloth Base Out from Others
    • If you wish to create and sell your own cloth bases by modifying from other people’s cloth meshes, then please make your best efforts to create unique designs that properly differentiate from the original source look.
    • Just imagine that tomorrow you can be the next base mesh owner, and you will enjoy the credit and derivative content benefit from others, so please try to respect the same with the original base mesh owners that you use today.
    • Reallusion retains the right to denounce or take down content with obvious design infringement. Content that is either being reported by the original designer or other community members.

3D Content Selling and Mass Distribution Limitations 

  • The unique topology of CC Characters is Reallusion’s property. You cannot repurpose them into any other 3D formats, mass distribute them, or sell them in any other marketplace without getting explicit permission from Reallusion.
  • ccCharacter, ccCloth, ccMorph assets can only be sold in the Reallusion Marketplace and the Reallusion Content Store. 
  • If you wish to export ccContent to any 3D format and include it in your own game titles, apps or interactive applications for public mass distribution then:
    • Please provide your title information and url, and contact Reallusion to register your title.
    • By registering you can get Reallusion’s written license for free, while gaining valuable feature promotion opportunities by Reallusion.  

Content EULA