Skin Layer Structure

The skin is designed according to segments and follows the layering logic of real human skin from Skin Base to Body Hair. Through the intuitive workflow, apply and manage skin effects in every phase of the design process to achieve quality skin designs with a myriad of possible looks and styles.

Create Characters across Age, Gender and Ethnicity

Access a whole new range of highly realistic, dynamic skin assets ranging from full-body skin presets to individual material effects. Customize the look with muscles, wrinkles, pores, color variation, scalp, body hair, nails, blemishes, and acne; overlay effects with acquired art from imported images for suntan, wounds, scars, tattoos and more.

*Some displayed contents are from the Realistic Human Skin pack.


Makeup Layer Structure

The makeup content types are designed based on practical cosmetic and effects makeup theory, from foundation, blush, to brows, eyes, eyelash, and lips . Makeup effects can be applied and editing at anytime during the design process.

Cosmetic and SFX Makeup

Access to a whole new line of dynamic makeup assets from Content Library, ranging from full makeup presets to part effects, which include foundation, eyebrow, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lips and war paint. Morphable eyelash options are also included.

*Some displayed contents are from the Makeup & SFX pack.

Applicable to 6 Material Segments of a Character

The SkinGen material library covers the whole body segments.. Choose to apply effects to a chosen material, or across the whole the body. The complete editing features and custom texture capabilities can be found in SkinGen Premium PlugIn.