Complete 3D Character Design & Animation for Sketchfab

The "Upload to Sketchfab" function in Character Creator lets you directly publish 3D characters straight to Sketchfab, so that you can share with the world via the web, social media and VR! Easily include motion clips to demonstrate how animated characters look, while retaining all realistic PBR material settings in Sketchfab.

Character Creator - Sketchfab-Certified Exporter

Generate fully-rigged characters with motion and facial animation with Character Creator and iClone to deliver dynamic character performances to Sketchfab. Exchange outfits, morph to custom body shapes, facial expression and lip-sync to achieve a custom look and animation for any character.

A free 3D character is available for download to test out the quality and animation capable to produce from Character Creator characters.

Collection of 3D Characters

View Sketchfab Library for the Reallusion & Developers’ collection

Share Interactive 3D Characters to the Community

Reallusion is showcasing the Sketchfab real-time 3D viewer as a dynamic way to browse and view 3D character content in the Reallusion Content Store, Marketplace, and Forum. The Sketchfab viewer is a valuable tool for content developers and artists alike.

Sharing Character Creator characters with Sketchfab provides a complete method to post real-time 3D viewers embedded into Facebook, Twitter, and websites or experienced as immersive VR.

Publish your works now to Sketchfab for a chance to be featured by Reallusion.

Content Store

A place to find a massive collection of premium content packs created by both Reallusion and highly skilled independent developers.

Reallusion Content Store
Example: Fantasy Playset – Assassins


A complete C2C platform that is designed to provide you with a "try before you buy" and "item-based purchase" live content experience.

Reallusion Marketplace
Example: Cyclops - Single CC Morph Bundle(by ToKoMotion)


A public discussion area to learn from experienced users, share your creations, comment on ideas.

Reallusion Forum
Guide: One-click Submission to Sketchfab and Embed the Character in the Reallusion forum

3D Clothing - Fantasy Medieval 3D Characters - Assassins