Quad Mesh. Auto Rig. GoZ. Iray Render

Character Creator 3 works with one of the world's most interoperable and user friendly content creation pipeline. Besides its stunning look, the new quad-based CC3 character also bridges the ZBrush production pipeline and makes subdivision rendering possible. With auto-skin and skin weight tools, asset developers can easily turn OBJs into clothes without the assistance of 3rd party software. The inclusion of pose and expression tools along with atmospheric environment libraries and the photorealism of Iray, makes CC3 the all-in-one dream tool.

character creator 3 - quad mesh

Quad Face Character Base for Optimal Results

  • New topology is 100% quad mesh, ready for subdivisioning and mesh editing.
  • Quad wireframe view for expedited surface inspection.
  • Enhanced mesh and high-res texture details for the hands and feet.
  • Optimized skin-weighting for naturalistic bending of the joints.

character creator 3 - Goz


  • Sculpt and paint, round trip ZBrush editing via GoZ.
  • Swift way to enhance character appearances, add facial and body morphs.
  • Character auto-skinning that works regardless of differences in proportions.
character creator 3 - auto skin

Auto-Skin Weighting for Clothes

  • Import OBJ mesh as Cloth Assets.
  • Using custom pose to align character with imported mesh.
  • Skin Weight Transfer from cloth templates or custom imported skin mesh.
  • The ability to transform individual mesh elements.
  • Refine surfaces with push and pull brush tools.

character creator 3 - skin weight editing

Skin Weight Editing

  • Refine the auto-skinned cloth with a spectrum of weight editing tools.
  • Support for vertex weight assignment and weight painting.
  • Smooth Brush for intuitive weight painting.
  • Brush projection modes (normal vs. screen-based), as well as mirror edit options.

character creator 3 - partial conforming

Partial Conforming

  • Maintain interplay of hard and soft surfaces with cloth conformation.
  • Hard mesh items scales along with the change of source conforming elements.
  • Ability to define sub-mesh elements (or selected vertices) as hard mesh items, such as buckles, ammo pouches, or armor plates.
character creator 3 - Iray Render

Photorealistic Rendering with Iray Plug-in

  • Nvidia AI Accelerated GPU rendering for high interactivity and fast image output.
  • Automatic PBR to Iray shader conversion to ensure material likeness.
  • Transport lights from CC/iClone to Iray including IBL, directional, point, spotlight, and emissive mesh materials.
  • Create realistic skin rendering using subsurface scattering (SSS) with specified translucent radius.

*Iray render requires an additional paid plug-in. Know More >