One topology, unlimited shapes

The core capability to make unlimited fully-rigged characters lies in the heart of modeling morph designs. Further enhance realistic 3D humans, fantasy or cartoon designs, users can freely blend betweens them for new character looks. Experienced 3D artists can sculpt elaborate character shapes for unique character IP.

Freestyle Shaping
Generate Unique Characters
Create Morph Sliders
  • Realistic Humans
  • Stylized Figures
  • Facial Morphs
Realistic Human Morphs

Customize believable human characters by using 300 basic embedded morphs, or extend to the full collection of Human Anatomy Morphs. The separated head and body morph designs provide the highest flexibility to blend with other CC characters. Users can also combine with Headshot, the photo to 3D head generator for digital double creations.
See more: Ultimate Morphs >   Manual >

Stylized Character Morphs

The highly balanced CC3+ topology delivers incredible flexibility on shaping stylized characters, even for exaggerated face and body proportions. Turn on subdivision to get smooth curves and surfaces at display or render.
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Facial Morphs

Beyond common facial shapes with the embedded face morphs, serious digital double designers can master the Headshot Morphs 1000+, an extensive facial morphs systems to achieve ultimate details. Through the help of image matching, designers can accurately model people's 3D face to match the uniqueness of any human appearance.


There are several ways to generate brand new character shapes by mixing and blending morphs within Character Creator, creating 3D heads from photos, or sculpting your unique forms using ZBrush or other 3D tools.

  • Mix-Match with Morphs
  • 3D Head from Photo
  • 3D Sculpting Tools
Mix & Blend Morphs

The power of the Morph Slider shines when mixing and blending between them! Easily combine iconic body shapes from the library to create a family of characters with shared likeness. Tweak and fine-tune the contours directly within Character Creator without external 3D modeling. Best of all, no matter how peculiar imported or generated stylized toons are, they will all be rigged-ready for iClone facial and body animation!

Create 3D Heads from Photos

Headshot, the AI-powered Character Creator plugin generates 3D digital humans from one photo. Apart from intelligent texture blending and head mesh creation, it includes Headshot 1000+ sculpting morphs, Image Mapping and Texture Reprojection tools.

Artist Workflow - 3D Sculpting Tools

Character Creator provides round-trip editing workflow with ZBrush and Blender, which means users can send CC characters to ZBrush or Blender for 3D sculpting, and one-click update a new morph back to CC. Designers using other 3D tools can use OBJ files to import character shapes.

  • Create Head & Body Morphs
  • Morph Slider Editor
Creating Head and Body Morphs

When creating morphs, it's important to separate head and body morphs from the source character. Separated head and body morphs give a much higher flexibility when blending with other body and head types, and be able to do partial blend weight adjustments.
See Manual >

Morph Slider Editor

It takes just a minute to transform a 3D character mesh into an adjustable Morph Slider by simply importing a character in .iAvatar or .Obj formats. Then edit the category, thumbnail, minimum and maximum amount of transformations for the target morph appearance. Once the Morph Slider is created, then immediately see the morph results by adjusting the morph intensity. See Manual >

*Note: The .Obj for the 3D character must maintain a CC compatible mesh topology in order to be imported.