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Discovering the optimal character base for 3D artists is challenging. Reallusion is democratizing the CC3+ character standard to expedite 3D character production. This initiative includes offering CC3+ character bases to everyone for free. Leveraging the comprehensive CC base mesh accelerates character design and improves animation workflows with precise rigging and skin-weights.

For those already using Character Creator, rest assured that the same character bases are readily accessible in your character folder for immediate production.


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Please refer to the End-User License Agreement (Section 5: Character Creator Base Model License) for the usage regulations and limitations.

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  • Five character base models, provided in FBX (fully-rigged), OBJ and ZTL formats, with accompanying texture files.
  • Optimized topology, featuring uniform quad surfaces and anatomically optimized edge loops tailored for animation, morph design, and sub-divisional sculpting.
  • Textures are provided in a UDIM layout, covering the head, torso, arms, legs, eyes, and teeth.
  • Includes 150+ facial morphs designed for expressive and accurate lip-sync animation. (FBX file)
  • Compatible with ZBrush, Blender, and other major 3D tools, with dedicated plugin support for seamless integration.


Optimized for Morph & Animation

The fully-rigged CC base models showcase uniform quad surface topology, ideal for real-time animation and subdivision editing. These base models effortlessly morph into any human shape, whether aiming for realism or stylization. Their meticulous body and facial rigging ensure natural joint articulation and believable facial performances. See more about CC Face Topology & UV Guide.

Character Creator topology can accommodate people of all ages and body shapes.

Simplifies Animation & Sculpting

Free fully-rigged FBX for animation

The foundational model with a full skeletal rig is provided in FBX format, along with a comprehensive range of facial morphs for animating expressions. In addition, eyes, brows, teeth, and tongue are individualized components, ready for customization. Designers have the flexibility to modify the character's body shape or paint textures using tools such as Blender or Substance Painter. By keeping the topology and UVs consistentent, characters can seamlessly transfer to and from Character Character for additional adjustments, outfiting, posing, and animation control.

Unified OBJ mesh for sculpting

All body parts are consolidated into one single mesh, making it convenient to load and edit in any 3D application. Character morph generation for CC characters is also optimized by this flexible design.

Subtool-structured ZTL file for ZBrush Sculpting

Streamline your character creation process with a CC base ZTL file, sculpting directly in ZBrush and utilize the GoZ feature to seamlessly send the sculpted character back to CC. Leveraging Character Creator's native functions, enhance the character with additional adjustments, outfitting, posing, and animation control.


The free CC character base is accessible for both personal and commercial purposes, encompassing applications like filmmaking, animation, gaming, 3D printing, and education. For more information regarding usage regulations and limitations, please refer to the end-user license agreement (Section 5: Character Creator Base Model License).


Character Creator breathes life into static 3D sculptures, facilitating animation and easy articulation with tools like facial control and pose editing. Its streamlined content library system simplifies the integration of assets like clothing and accessories onto characters with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. With the introduction of five additional character bases, Character Creator is more capable than ever — Try it out with our 30-day free trial and experience its capabilities firsthand!





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