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3D Character Design Platform

Character Creator (CC) is a tool to create realistic looking, animation-ready 3D human characters for use with real-time engines. CC innovates the Unreal and Unity game character design process for 3D fully rigged characters with Face & Body slider morphs, Custom Clothing Design, Animation & Content FBX Export for game engines. Tthe unparalleled PBR visuals are compatible with Allegorithmic Painter, Substance, 3D Coat, Quixel, Unreal, or Unity, and web sharing sites like Sketchfab.

CG Production

Design Your Own 3D Character Assets

  • The full FBX pipeline allows 3D designers to create custom character face and body morphs, clothing assets, hair, and accessories.
  • Design your own clothing assets with the collision layer system and conforming option settings.
  • Access video learning resources, and design with character templates or modify from existing designs.

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3D Animated Videos

  • The fast way to get fully-rigged, clothed 3D characters for your animated projects with facial expression and lip-sync capabilities.
  • Export 3D characters in FBX format with selected motion files, animate, and render them in your 3D tools
  • Multiple FBX profiles are supported to suit different 3D tools.

Directly Animate in iClone

iClone is a real-time 3D animation software, that also serves as the best animation generator for CC Characters. With iClone, you are allow to

  • Exchange assets and enjoy round-trip character editing for native CC format
  • Direct access to 60 facial morphs for CC Characters thanks to the enhanced facial engine
  • Perform full character animation for CC Characters with the use of motion layer editing, clip blending, and motion capture.
  • Generate body and facial animation for CC Characters
  • Produce fully-animated stories in a complete 3D editing environment

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No additional license is required to animate CC Characters in iClone

Game Character Design

Optimized for Unreal UE4

Character Creator can now auto-convert bone structures for UE4 rigs, while being fully compatible with the Unreal Third Person Controller. Moreover, by combining with the iClone/3DXchange pipeline, you can auto convert Mixamo motions to the Unreal engine, saving lots of effort when animating Unreal game characters.

Unreal Engine 4 Rig Export

Quick Mixamo Import to Unreal 4

Unreal - Capricia Productions

“We were using Mixamo, Adobe Fuse for a lot of our character creation needs. When the Unreal Engine 4 rig was removed from their service, it completely broke our pipeline and caused us to lose countless hours of work.

We turned to Reallusion for a possible solution and have found a company which was quick to respond by adding the feature we requested, plus many others that make it an excellent addition to any developers’ tool bag. Reallusion have saved us thousands of dollars and hundreds of development hours!”

Benjamin Bishop
Capricia Productions

Ready for Unity Mecanim Game Control

Now there is direct FBX export for Mecanim compatible characters into Unity 3D for instant 3rd Person Gameplay. You can even display the same realistic PBR looks in your Unity game.

Publish 3D Characters Directly to Sketchfab

Complete 3D Character Design & Animation for Sketchfab

The "Upload to Sketchfab" function in Character Creator lets you directly publish 3D characters straight to Sketchfab, so that you can share with the world via the web, social media, and VR!

Generate fully-rigged characters with motion and facial animation with Character Creator and iClone to deliver dynamic character performances to Sketchfab. Exchange outfits, morph to custom body shapes, facial expression and lip-sync to achieve a custom look and animation for any character