Game Character Animation Contest Winner

The Character Creator "Digital Human Contest 2020" has come to a close after 2.5 months of an exciting competition. With the participation of dozens of amazing artists / animators, Character Creator has proven once again to be the tool of choice among all skill levels and project missions.

The "Digital Human Contest 2020" was a runaway success that comprised of 168 submissions, with more creativity and skill in a single contest than we have ever witnessed. A huge thanks goes out to all the participants who rocked this event! Join us and check out the winners for Realistic, Stylized, Animated character categories, including special awards for Digital Doubles, iClone Animation, and Student Artworks.

Realistic Character
Stylized Character
Animated Character
Special Awards

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Winner Prizes:

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The judging process for "Digital Human Contest 2020" proved to be quite difficult and thus took many hours of deliberation to come up with the final winners. Although the following entries did not get the top prizes, Reallusion felt the need to praise their outstanding workmanship and spirit of sharing with an honorable mention.

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