The Artist's Base for Refined Sculpts

Designing the best real-time Digital Human character is one of the core values of Character Creator 3. From version 3.3, CC3 Base+ improves character mesh, UV, and skeletal rig; fulfilling the requirements of detailed sculpting and realistic animation.

Topology Enhancement

Evenly-distributed quad surface and perfect edge-loops.

UV Optimization

Head UV includes neck area. High details for hand, nose, lips, and UDIM layout.

Skin-Rig Upgrade

Supports both A-pose & T-pose, enhanced skin-weights.


Head & Body

Loop Rings

  • Evenly-distributed quad surfaces and perfect edge-loops allow for smooth facial expressions and body animations.
  • 3D sculptors can rejoice as the mesh is easier to subdivide and smooth without artifacts.

Topology for Animation & Morphs

  • One mesh effectively adapted to all kinds of character shapes.
  • Joint Rings (blue) are designed for posing and animation.
  • Muscle Lines (magenta) are referenced for major joints, muscles, and feature alignments.
  • Color marks on CC3+ topology are designed as feature landmarks for character modelers, ZBrush artists (GoZ), or retopologized character from scan models.

One mesh effectively adapted to all character shapes

  • Higher-poly Hands and Nails for close ups.
  • Tear Line, and Occlusion Mesh for realistic eyes with Digital Human Shader.
    • Tear Line enhances eyelid moisture, while Occlusion Mesh adds eyeball shadows. There are dedicated shaders for these eye elements.
    • Both can morph along with different eye shapes, and adapt to any expressions.
  • More mesh definition for eyes, crease lines, optimized for blinking, etc.
character creator 3 - quad mesh


character creator 3 - quad mesh


Tear Line & Occlusion Mesh structure

Eye mesh capable of presenting different eye shapes

Enhanced Correct Eyeblink result from CC3+ topology


ExpressionPlus (ExPlus) consists of a new set of advanced facial performances derived from human scans including tongue morphs with 1:1 mapping to ARKit blendshapes to significantly improve facial mocap using an iPhone, and giving more expressive options in the Face Key Editor. In addition, optimized visemes are included for Accurate Lipsync (AccuLips), giving CC3+ characters convincing facial talking animations. Learn more about iClone Facial Animation & Facial Mocap.

New Facial Capability with ExpressionPlus (ExPlus)

63 New Facial Blendshapes (52 ARKit, 11 Tongue)

Through Morph Sliders, you can directly access 60 Standard and 63 (52+11) ExPlus Blendshapes. Not only for ultimate control over expression details, input extrapolated strength value (+/- 200 ), but also to observe what blendshapes are being triggered through the Muscle Panel and Expression Presets. Furthermore, you can see the blendshape names and values when exporting to external 3D tools.

Intuitive Muscle Movement

  • Switch between Standard and ExPlus modes.
  • Strength settings for mouse sensitivity.

New Expression Presets

  • A quick way to jump between different emotional presets, or access to ExPlus for 4 additional ARKit expression sets including tongue.
  • Adjust the strength level to match your performance requirements.

Unmatched iPhone Tracking with ARKit 1:1 Profiles

7 New Tongue Morph Sliders

  • Adjust the size, thickness, position of the tongue to best match your character’s appearance.
  • Enhanced tongue animation with matching tongue shapes.
Perfectly Works with Accurate Lipsync
  • Optimized visemes for lipsync, with Acculips - a brand new lipsync approach that analysis audio and text to produce a new standard of accuracy in automated lipsync animation.


  • Supports UDIM UV Layout for one time multi-texture baking in ZBrush.
  • Seamless Substance Painter, 3D Coat cross-UV painting, and Daz Transformer UV baking.
  • Head and Neck in one UV for improved scan head quality, and effective for animated texture blends.
  • Enlarged UV space for face, nose, hand, eyelash and nail.
character creator 3 - quad mesh

Dedicated Export for Substance Painter

Seamless cross-uv painting with UDIM texture format

Tutorial   |   Preset File   |   Step-by-step Workflow

character creator 3 - quad mesh

UDIM UV Export for ZBrush

Cross material ZBrush texture baking (Multi Map Exporter)

character creator 3 - quad mesh

Effective Texture Blending Animation (coming)

Head and Neck in one UV for complete head detail and neck animation

Head and Neck in one UV for complete head detail and neck animation

Enlarged UV Space to Achieve Greater Detail

Upgraded Skinning & Rigging

  • Correct armpit position and enriched shoulder volume.
  • Enhanced skinning for arm raise, knee, ankle and elbow bend.
  • Use A-Pose as bind pose, beneficial for (scan) cloth rigging, arms down shoulder shape, and friendly for ZBrush pipeline.

Improved Skinning for Natural Posing

A-Pose as Bind Pose Suitable for Cloth Design


  • Conversion from CC1, CC3 to CC3+.  Know more
  • CC1, CC3 cloth compatibility & conversion optimization.  Learn 3 options
  • New Daz Transformer options - to CC3 Base (T-Pose) / to CC3+ Base (A-Pose). Optimized shoulder and armpit rigging for CC3+ Transformer.  Know More
  • Headshot, and SkinGen Premium plug-ins compatibility.
  • Works with forthcoming enhanced Facial Expression & Lipsync System.

CC Base conversion to CC3+ for optimized looks

Daz Transformer with better shoulder result in CC3 Base+


  • Detailed CC3+ characters built with high-res normals and their corresponding Anatomy Morphs.
  • New Content Categories - Skin, Makeup, and morphable Eyelash & Nail.
  • New 1st-level Morph Entries: Eyelash, Nail.

Comparison of CC Base Generations

CC1 CC3 CC3+ Game Base
Character Base Bone Count 139 100 100 72
Polygon Count: All elements
*Including Full Body, Eyeball, Teeth, Tongue, Tearline (CC3+ only), Eye Occlusion (CC3+ only)
16,830 16,457 17,683 8,723
Polygon Count: Full Body
*Including Head and Body
10,620 13,100 14,046 5610
Polygon Count: Head
*Including Eyelash, Tear Ducts
3,120 3,734 4,758 1,466
Polygon Count: Body 7,500 9,366 9,288 3,944
Mesh Count: Head to Body Ratio 41% 39% 51% 37%
Texture Count 5 6 6 1 /2 /6
(Single / Eyelash / Multi)
Enhance Eyes with Tear Line and Occlusion Mesh (added in v3.2)
UDIM (added in v3.2)
ExpressionPlus - Blendshapes & Expression Sets (added in v3.4)
Supporting Facial Hair Content (added in v3.4)
Shader Digital Human Shader
Morph & Skin Adjustment Morph and Skin Templates
Dynamic Texture Editing (Appearance Editor) (SkinGen)
On-screen Sculpt Morph
Morph Slider Adjustments
Content Creation Creating Morph Sliders
Character Auto Rigging (Adjust Bones to Fit Morph)
Bone Adjustment
Set T-Pose to Correct Initial Pose for Animation (added in v3.2)
Clothes Auto Skinning
Cloth Skin Weight Editing
Facial Hair Editing
Character Pipeline Transformer (Daz, Poser, iClone) (Daz G3 & G8 only)
Retopologize Base for High-Poly Normal Bake (added in v3.2) (Daz, Poser) (Daz G3 & G8 only)
LOD Generation
*Powered by InstaLOD
Polygon Optimization
Material Merging
Material Merging Compatible with .rlHead
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