Animate CC characters inside Unreal Engine with lifelike precision. Blast through final-stretch production by enlivening full-body movement and facial expressions using the familiar MetaHuman Control Rig. The universal CC standards gives Unreal developers unprecedented flexibility in character customization. Access to a vast content ecosystem makes it possible to deploy animated digital doubles, whimsical toons, biped creatures, and crowd simulations. Whether a seasoned professional or passionate enthusiast, CC Control Rig can fuel your creative vision.

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Experience fully-rigged CC characters in Unreal Engine.

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Supported Character Types

Custom Character Creation | UE Face & Body Rig

Rigged CC3+ topology supports full-body morphs, outfits, and skin textures. Scalable for hi-def 3D actors and rapid crowd simulations.

Lightweight Characters | UE Face & Body Rig

Thematic 3D characters and scanned actors for crowd animation and game development. Specialized formats for optimal visuals and render quality.

Auto-Rig 3D Models | UE Body Rig

Tailored for swift and precise character rigging, effortlessly transform static models into 3D animatable characters through an automated process.


Delicate Facial Animation

Advance beyond basic facial performances. The Facial Board leverages a two-level morph system inherent in CC characters, allowing for direct slider adjustments to achieve exquisite control.

Powerful Body Motion

CC full-body rigs feature IK/FK toggles alongside squash and stretch capabilities. Confidently bend and deform the character in unprecedented ways with twistable bones and enhanced joint articulation.

Match Animation to Unreal Scenes
Accurately position and align your CC characters within Unreal Engine and refine their movements to interact seamlessly with scene props. Achieve natural interpersonal performances for convincing digital doubling with facial expressions, look-at constraints, and talking animations.
Adjustable Reach Targets & Constraints
The CC-UE Control Rig facilitates complete interaction between CC characters and the Unreal environment. Effortlessly enable your actors to ride bikes, steer cars, climb walls or hang from ledges with ease.
Reusable Poses for Facial and Full-body Keyframing

Multi-select the facial or body controls and save them as control rig poses. Face and body control poses can be applied to other CC characters for immediate effect.

Reusable Animations for Game Design & Film Production

Bake motion tracks into reusable animation assets ideal for game control or sequence editing. Apply these saved animation assets to other CC Characters directly or retarget them to characters with different body proportions.


The CC character system provides top-notch solutions for crafting your own unique characters. Efficient methods for facial and body animation are well-integrated, ensuring maximum compatibility with the CC standard. Elevate your production workflow by utilizing a variety of tools, including fast drag-and-drop motion assets, intuitive mouse controls, the latest mocap technologies, and motion layer/curve editing.

Facial Animation

Essential content packs, like Digital Soul 100+ imbue your CC actors with unique personalities. iClone features precise voice lip-sync, emotive puppet expressions, muscle-based facial key editing, and facial mocap utilizing either an iPhone or AccuFACE video-based AI capture.

iClone Motion Editing

When it comes to crafting high-quality realtime character animations, iClone stands unrivaled. With its seamless motion blending, interactive reach kinematics, grounded footstep system, and precise mocap data correction, no other tool can match its speed and ease of use.

Countless AAA Mocap Animations

ActorCore is a cutting-edge online 3D motion platform that provides access to an extensive library of mocap motions. The diversity and flexibility of these motions benefits professional animation production, as well as character setups for interactive gameplay.

Quick Character Transfer to Unreal Engine

FBX Files

Smoothly bring CC, AccuRIG, or ActorCore characters to Unreal engine in dedicated FBX format.

Live Link / Data Link Transfer

iClone Unreal Live Link can directly transfer animated CC, Actorcore, or AccuRIG characters to Unreal engine.

*The Auto Setup plugin automates Digital Human Shader assignment, PBR material setup, and characterization to facilitate high-quality rendering in UE.
Learn from the Pros

Convert Custom Characters for UE using the New CC Rig

Use CC Control Rig Edit Facial & Full Body Mocap CC & IC Characters


Character Creator is a complete solution for producing fully-rigged, animation-ready characters with realistic or stylized features. It is compatible with iClone and other industry-leading 3D applications.

iClone streamlines 3D animation within a user-friendly platform that integrates facial performance, character animation, motion capture production, scene design, and cinematic storytelling.

Unreal developers now have the freedom to seamlessly control CC characters using the familiar MetaHuman control rig, enabling precise manipulation and customization of both body and facial animations.

Automate the process of assigning Digital Human shaders and PBR materials to CC or ActorCore characters, as well as characterizing them for use in Unreal Engine.

CC Character vs. MetaHuman

CC CharacterMetaHuman
Head Mesh4,000 quads / subdivision80,000 tris
File Size400 MB source (1.2GB after subdivision)3.35 GB
Body ShapeFreestyle Body Shaping from Morph Sliders and 3rd-party tool Customization (GoZ, Blender, OBJ import/export and Ultimate Morphs - 12 templates of body shapes)18 Fixed Body Shapes
Skin TexutreCustomizable with SkinGen and Smart Skin Color toolsLimited Metahuman Creator included skin effects
WrinkleDynamic Wrinkle System: Wrinkle Library, Custom Workflow, Rate of Appearance, Constraints, Flow MapsMetaHuman Creator default wrinkle patterns (not adjustable)
Hair- Smart Hair System
- Swappable from asset library
- Auto conformation
Requiring Grooming Hair for MetaHumans
OutfitSwappable from asset library- Outfit-specific application
- Requiring MetaHumans’ Clothes Assets
Animation- Swappable from asset library
- Directly control body rig in UE with CC UE Control Rig
- Live Link/Data Link animation from iClone to UE
Live Link/Data Link from iClone to MetaHuman
Facial- Customizable Modeling Morphs
- Customizable Expression Morphs: Face Key Editor, Puppet, Mocap, Lipsync
- Directly control CC face rig in UE with CC UE Control Rig
- Live Link/Data Link animation from iClone to UE
Compatible with MetaHuman Control Rigs
ExportSupporting all industry-standard tools.
- Auto Setup for Unreal, Unity and Blender
Unreal Engine only