Static Mesh to Animation-Friendly Objects

Never underestimate the power of a 3D prop, it can be turned into a character, a piece of cloth, an accessory, or even hair. Users can separate mesh nodes of a prop to make it animatable, edit prop shape, change the materials, or make props real-time friendly with polygon reduction.


Create 3D Prop

Supporting both OBJ and FBX files, dragging in a FBX file will prompt choosing the data type. Non-human objects can also be set as 3D Props.

Prop Data Type

Other than a single piece of mesh, a 3D prop can contain multiple sub-items with node hierarchies, or bone rigs.

Flexible Prop Editing

Extract, merge, rearrange node hierarchies, skin weight edit, pose edit, mesh edit, and polygon reduction.

Prop Editing

Extract Selected Mesh and Convert to Sub-Item/Prop

The first step to animate a 3D prop is to well prepare its animatable parts, CC has all the tools to combine mesh elements or separate sub items, also be able to extract items from selected faces, and make them into a new prop.

Manage and Edit Node Hierarchy

Creating fully animatable objects with sub-prop, mesh and node editing capabilities.

  • Rename
  • Separate and merge mesh elements
  • Detach a sub-item and attach to another parent node
  • Detach a sub-item to make it an independent prop

Attach & Detach

Once meshes are turned into a sub-item or a prop, attach them to a selected parent, or detach them to keep them isolated. Props can be attached to a character as an accessory too.

Edit Mesh & Skin Weight

Use the Edit Mesh tool to change the mesh shape or use the Skin Weight tool to refine the skin bone relation for best posing quality.

Edit Spring Rigs

Any object with bones can be set with spring effects, adjust how heavy, bouncy, and how strong the spring chain reacts to the animation. Find the right spring type, rotation or translation, suitable for the desired dynamic performance.
See Manual >

Adjust Material

Extract a mesh to individually adjust its materials (color, opacity, roughness, metallic) without affecting the material of its parent source. This provides the flexibility to create more design variations.

Prop Export

Props in Character Creator can be exported to any 3D software or game engine for further animation editing. CC props are supported by iClone native features, such as timeline, curve editing, and physics simulations.

Polygon Reduction

3 Reduction Options

With the included InstaLOD technology, Character Creator gives highly flexible polygon reduction to characters and props

  • Reduction by Percentage
  • Reduction by Face Count
  • Reduction by Selected Meshes
  • Retain High Visual Quality

    In most cases, the high polygon reduced mesh can keep high visual details without noticeable degradation. Optional UV Merge and texture size reduction are also supported.

    Works with Rigged Props

    Polygon reduction also works for props with skinning and bone rigs, which gives real-time performance for animating props originally made by high-poly geometries. Generate several levels of detail for the same animated prop.