Spring Animation Design

Few things are more rewarding than watching your static 2D artwork suddenly turn into living and breathing animations. You can customize spring bones on characters and props, enhancing secondary motion by reacting to primary animation or mocap animation.

Spring Physics for Any Object

Auto React to Primary Animations

Adjustable Spring Behaviors

Spring Rig Templates

Spring Dynamics for Any Object
Spring Dynamics is perfectly fit to energize character and prop animation. Endow characters with secondary motion by adding Spring bones and watch them jiggle while they move!


Props & Accessories

Chain-React Groups of Items

Spring bones can connect several elements of an object into one cohesive structure. CTA lets designers interlink several graphic elements with branches of bones and control how tightly or loosely they are attached.

Adjustable Spring Behavior

10 Instantly Used Presets

Choose among 10 Spring presets representing different material qualities: from stiff to rubbery and hefty to wispy.

Dedicated Spring Groups

Apply multiple Spring settings to the same object by adding additional bone chains for different Spring groups and set up distinct behaviors.

Property Fine-Tuning

Fine-tune bounciness, speed, gravity, and limit bone rotation angles to customize Spring behavior and define squash and stretch to boot!

React to Any Movement

Spring physics can react to all types of movement from simple transform keys, mouse-driven facial puppet, and live performance made by facial tracking or motion capture.

Motion Data

Facial Puppet

Live Mocap

Spring Bone Structure

Spring physics behavior is largely determined by the bone structure of an object. Embedded Spring presets include 20 typical spring bone settings: Finding the most eligible template as a starting point of a Spring animation is quick and easy.

28 Samples and Templates for Direct Use

Besides the potential of adding bones to props, 14 samples and 14 templates are also provided for direct usage. The bone structures of these samples and templates are designed with the most commonly seen objects in mind, making it easy to find suitable starting points.

Bone Structure vs. Spring Behavior

Spring properties and bone structure can both influence Spring behavior. For best results, never hesitate to try out different bone configurations and check how they affect the motion.