Motion Path Animation

Animate Anything Along a Path

Regardless of your level of expertise, path animation proves invaluable across multiple industries such as commerce, education, and manufacturing. Cartoon Animator now boasts enhanced path editing tools, including Bézier curves, to help add life to your animations.
Easily Draw Motion Paths

Effortlessly create a path by drawing Bézier points or converting it from cursor movements and puppet animations. Once your path is established, easily switch between linear and smooth modes and fine-tune it using intuitive handle controls.

Puppet Motion to Path
Path Customization

Bézier Curves

Classic Bézier controls and seamless transitions between paths empower designers to recreate any path layout, whether it exists in reality or exists solely in their imagination.


Shifting Speed

Assign objects to paths and easily control their speed and progression with just a few keyframes.

Orientation & Offset

Simulate tilting and sliding motion by fine-tuning the object's orientation and adjusting its distance offset from the path.


Reusable Pattern

Multiple objects can follow a single motion path, and the custom animation speed can be reapplied, essentially allowing for the reuse of the same movement pattern.

16 Path Templates

Our complimentary path samples come with dedicated animation keys pre-assigned. Just attach your object to a path template and watch it follow the predefined animation, and draw inspiration to craft your own.

Various Applications