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Solid Drawing

Slow In & Slow Out


Squash & Stretch

Straight Ahead & Pose to Pose



Follow Through & Overlapping Action

Secondary Action




Learn 2D Animation with 12 Principles

Go from Basic to Advanced

It's time to sharpen your tools! With these inspiring

12 principles

taught by your instructor Mark Diaz, you can master both theoretical concepts and put them to practice in Cartoon Animator to easily level up your animation skills while having fun doing it.

12 Principles Tutorials

in Cartoon Animator
31 Lessons   3.6 hrs Videos  14 Projects
Solid Drawing
Solid Drawing is a must to learn

how to animate

cool characters and backgrounds; even if you don't know how to draw.
Slow in and Slow out

This principle will help you create character movements that look smooth and believable. This lesson alone will improve how you animate today.


Changing the timing can change the mood of your animation, just separating the keyframes in the timeline can make a character more impulsive or more focused and careful.

Squash and Stretch

This is the principle that helps animations feel cartoony, it can add a little extra spice to your character’s performance in cartoon animation.

Straight Ahead Action & Pose to Pose

You will learn 2 methods for creating animation, one is to get more spontaneity, and the other helps you be more precise and organized.


In Cartoon Animator 4, arcs are automatic when you use rigged characters, but it's useful to understand them in order to avoid unnatural movements.


The anticipation is the part that helps develop a large part of character personality.

Follow Through & Overlapping Action

When you see an animated character that feels smooth and organic, most of the time its because of these two principles.

Secondary Action

This principle will help you improve the emotional expressions of your characters and make them more attractive to the audience.


When you know what to exaggerate and how much, you can become unstoppable. Not everything has to be exaggerated in your animation, only the right elements.


Its not the original idea in your head the one that matters, what matters is how your audience understands it. This principle will help you show the action in a way that everybody will get the emotions you want to convey.


This will be the principle where everything comes together to make your own animation as appealing and interesting to watch as possible, so that people love it and share it.

how to start animate with 12 principles from Mark Diaz
Tutor: Mark Diaz
- Animator, Online Teacher, TED Speaker, Director

With a background of 10+ years in the film industry at Autumn Leave Films, and with over 30 short films produced to this date, Mark belongs to a group of animators who love to share everything they know about animation, from pre-production, animation, to post production.

He established 2D Animation 101, aiming to equip future animators with all the necessary techniques and tips to help them do better projects. He is obsessed in rapid learning techniques and student results. A course is only good when the student succeeds.

Best Training Kit for Beginners
Cartoon Animator 5 Training
182 Tutorials   |   17.5 hrs Videos   |   75 Projects   |   10 Modules   |  4 Quests

These training videos are created by 2DAnimation101's CEO Mark Diaz. It will teach you everything you need to know on how to animate a story or idea in Cartoon Animator 5.

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*Courses that were created via CTA4 can also be applied to CTA5*