Create animation drawing with Cartoon Animator.

Cartoon Animator (CTA) combines intuitive animation tools with mainstream drawing software and drawing tablets to swiftly turn illustrations into animations. Artists can use their favorite PSD editor (Photoshop, Krita, Affinity, Clip Studio Paint, Photopea) to modify characters, props and scenes to animate in CTA while extending their creation possibilities with help from motion libraries that can be dragged and dropped. The CTA PSD pipeline empowers anyone with the ability to draw, to now animate!

Go from Content Creation to Animation

Cartoon Animator now connects to popular PSD editing software. Users are able to launch their favorite tools such as Photoshop, Affinity Designer, Krita and Photopea directly from inside CTA, to create new assets or modify existing ones. Your newly modified assets will update in Cartoon Animator when you save them in the PSD editor (Ctrl-S). If you have already set animation keyframes to an image in CTA, and then modified that image externally, the animations will be kept even when you update the image. You can modify as many times as you like without missing a beat!

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2D Scenes with 3D Depth

Design scenes in a layered PSD and send to Cartoon Animator. PSD layers (folders) appear as manageable scene elements in CTA. Then you can arrange the scene elements with Z-depth to easily create 3D parallax effects with animated cameras.

PSD to Prop Animation

draw animation - elastic motions
Elastic Motions
Apply Elastic Motion effects to your props, and generate animations with custom speed and motion curves.

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draw animation - compound prop animations
Compound Prop Animations
Follow simple PSD layer naming rules to group items and set object hierarchy for structured animation.

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draw animation - free form deformation
FFD (Free Form Deformation)
By combing FFD, Transformation and Opacity Levels, you can fine-tune parametric values to create precise dynamic behaviors.

Import Artwork with Auto Character Rig

Rig any imaginable 2D character design with the Free Bone Tool, or utilize Template Bones and the 360 Head Template, for biped human, and quadruped animals. Simply replace the image layers in the Template with your own design, to automatically setup the character rig. Then combine any of CTA's professional motion libraries, with the powerful facial expression editor and the IK/FK system to create vivid character animations.

From Layout to Final Production

draw animation - psd editing from layout to final production

A two-way process that evolves sketch concepts and storyboards, to final production. Start with storyboard sketches and bring them to CTA for animation. Keep updating the artwork while keeping the animation intact.

Fast Way to Build Up Asset Library

draw animation - fast way to build up asset library

Use any PSD Tool to alter a style, or add accessories to an animated character while keeping its original animation settings. Additionally, all character motion and expression settings can be exported to PSD for further customization. It’s a very efficient way to add cloth, hair, and assets to rigged CTA characters.

draw animation - drawing tablet

Optimized for Drawing Tablet

Cartoon Animator 4 is optimized for the drawing tablets from the world’s leading drawing tablet brands like XP-PEN & Wacom.

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