To get a professional finished look in CTA projects, here we provide a seamless workflow to After Effects. Through the AE Script, you can reconstruct exported CTA projects as AE layers , while keeping the keyframes and Z-depth of all objects, along with the sound and camera movements. The new CTA to AE pipeline gives the highest flexibility on final compositing and VFX editing in After Effects.


Export to After Effects

This feature lets users export image sequences and JSON files of scenes and characters. With

the AE Script for Cartoon Animator

you can easily import animation work processed in CTA to After Effects, for further

post production




After Effects

After completing your animation in CTA, import it into AE for a seamless cinematic pipeline. Here are some visual effect samples that add professional polish to CTA generated scenes.

Glow Effects

Motion Blur

Special Effects

Area Lighting

Soft Shadow

Color Toning

Flexible Output Options for After Effects

  • Export the entire CTA project or selected items to After Effects.
  • Export the transparent videos (.mov) by objects.
  • Freedom to progressively add new animated objects to AE scenes, or replace the old ones.
Export Cartoon Animator Camera to


  • Bring Cartoon Animator camera keyframes to

    After Effects

  • Camera position and rotation can be adjusted in

    After Effects

  • Easily add camera effects like DOF or camera shake in

    After Effects

Customize Output Resolution

Optional export settings for image resolution, output range and frame rate.