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iClone Provides the Best Platform Which Allows People to Complete the 3D Animation Film in 48 Hours

The ASIAGRAPH Reallusion Award 2013 is one of the biggest activities of ASIAGRAPH. This year, we hosted a 48-hour live contest which allowed students from around the world to immerse themselves in a real-time 3D animation experience! From 154 teams in the qualification round, we chose 14 teams consisting of 37 students from Taiwan, Korea, and Japan that were selected as nominees to participate in the 48 Hour Live Contest at I-Sou University.

With iClone5’s real-time engine, intuitive motion tools, digital actors, environments, visual effects, and mocap capability, all contestants were able to work quickly and efficiently to create their own masterpieces. Also, a massive library of 3D character and motion content gave contestants a solid foundation for any custom motion and character in seconds.

48-hour Live Contest Winners
International Seminar for iClone: The POWER of PREVIZ on Filmmaking

During the 48-hour 3D animation contest, we invited teachers and students from the animation industry to participate in the “The Power of Previz on Filmmaking” seminar. The speakers from Beijing, Japan and Taiwan talked about the Previz trend in Hollywood’s movie industry and also shared how to apply iClone as a Previz tool with game development, as well as film and television production.

What Media, Judges, Teachers and Entries Say About the Contest