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Featured Developer - Wil Veeke

Wil Veeke

I am Wil Veeke, 51 years old, born in the Netherlands in a little town called Oisterwijk.I am an electric engineer and work as a manager for one of the biggest Power Company in Holland. I love nature and all the wonderful animals living on this planet. I spent many hours in the bush watching animals in their natural habitats. When I was 21 years old, I got my first computer, the commodore 64. After this my journey in the computer world started, I learnt to program games for the commodore in machine language using the Z80 chip. After a few other home computers, the Personal Computers finally came to be a big part of my life.

In my free time, I made computer programs for little companies. I learned everything from books. My knowledge of the personal computer is common knowledge amongst my friends and family- and when one of their computers crashes- they always come to find me.




Top Selling iClone Content Developer

Q: What first got you interested in Reallusion software?

When I repaired the computer of one of my colleague's daughter, I got from her a trial version of iClone as a reward. This program dragged me into a whole new world! I was amazed by its possibilities. In a few hours, I made a whole music clip with my me, my wife and children as actors. I also made a few clips for the company I was working with. When I needed new characters and props for some clips I was working on, I started digging into the wealth of knowledge of how to do this, and then started to produce my own content. The director of my company was so thrilled by the clips which I had made for the company, that he paid me a big bonus! That was the moment I bought iClone 2 and Autodesk.


Q: When did you start using Reallusion software?

This all happened almost 2 years ago. I watched all the movies on iClone and learned how to create props and characters. Everyday I learned more about iClone possibilities and how I could design characters and props in max for iClone.

Q: How do you come up with the ideas about how to design your animals?

I spent many hours in the woods watching animals and enjoying nature. All animals are wonderful and unique- especially birds. The moment I got Autodesk and iClone, I wanted to bring these animals to live in iClone.

Q: Do you have a particular favorite of your content that you have made in the past?

My favorite content till this day are the dancing birds and bees! It was the first time I had used the templates of the characters format- standard characters. I made a few clips with them for Youtube. It was huge success! The clips landed on many cell phones.The bugs, ducks and birds of prey are my favorite liveprops. I learn everyday more about iClone and 3DS Max; and in the near future, I will expand and improve the bug pack. I hope to design them to be as real as possible. Here I also want to mention Sara, my G2 character, she has been a hot item on the Reallusion Content Store for a long time.

Q: How long does it normally take for you to create your create your content, from conception to final production?

For most of the packs, I need about two or three weeks. At the moment I am designing Centaurs and Fairies. These creatures take much more time because I am only satisfied when they look as I saw them in my dreams.  

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Animal Packs

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Dancing Birds


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