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Featured Developer - Julien Tromeur

Julien Tromeur

I'm a 3D artist living in Paris. I have been doing graphics professionnally for 12 years, both as an employee and as a freelancer. My main thing is cartoon characters, with a preference for goofy ones.

I also animate these silly characters and nothing pleases me more than to see them come to life around the world.

I just had a character on TV in Africa, saw some of my illustrations on adverts in London or Pragua, this is surprising and fun!




The 1st Content Developer for CrazyTalk Animator

Q: Who is Julien Tromeur?

Remember the Jamaican Frog Jerry in CrazyTalk6 demo project?  The author of the Frog is Julien Tromuer.  Julien Tromuer is a talented 3D modeler with his own design style.  All his works reveal an unique sense of humor and give us strong impression in both visual quality and character’s personality.

In the recent released CrazyTalk Animator, Julien Tromuer has once again worked with Reallusion and presents the all new CrazyTalk Animator Avatar- DigiDudes!  "DigiDudes" includes 5 funny characters: Crayon Dude,  Bob the Bulb, Medicine Man, Mobile Guy and Present Pal.  They are the new generation animated avatars and are perfect hosts for your show!

Q: How did you start your career as a 3D professional?

A long long time ago I was doing graphics for the web, with illustrator and flash and Photoshop, then I started to learn 3D slowly on the side and I soon could use it at work.

One thing led to another and I was soon doing 3D full time, mostly product design and video presentations (marketing, tutorials etc...).

I did characters on my spare time and I was soon asked to do it for clients, that's when I started freelancing.

Q: Is there any project you’ve done that you’re especially proud of?

My new characters mostly. And the fact that I become better at character design.

I now tend to research 2D designs first then get into a "digital sculpting" phase, then I'll try to push my textures a bit more.

I also try to rig all my models so I can animate them.

Q: What is the best part of your job?

The fun !  For example I just did a Dragon on a scooter, it's silly but it just makes me smile. I started out trying to do something serious and I ended up doing something goofy, I guess you can't go against your nature.

Q: Where did you get the ideas for your Crazy Talk characters
(or most of your characters)

My weird imagination I guess. It's kind of fun to think of everything as living objects.

Q: Among all your works, which is your favorite 3D animated character?

My green frog likes me a lot (we can even call it love by now...). It's the kind of character who grows on you, the more you give it life through special poses and situations the more its personnality appears. You soon know the facial expressions you want, the postures etc...

Q: What is the design concept behind the new DigiDudes pack? How did you come up with the ideas for each character?

The DigiDudes pack is just a fun pack to use, the characters are silly but remain stylish, and they can be used in quite a number of situations, writing, commmunication, schools, science, ideas, holidays, birthdays, medical, contacts etc etc... They add the touch of humour yet with the 3D look remain classic and classy.

Julien's Website: http://www.jt-book.com/
Julien's DigiDude Content Pack for CrazyTalk Animator


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