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Developer Spotlight: James Martin

"As a character designer and sculpture iClone™ provides me with a great solution for both pre and post production. Creating walking, talking avatars before iClone was simply too time consuming to get the amount of detail I choose to include with my characters. Adding fine details by hand when producing character maquettes in my studio using polymer clay is quick and easy for me. Now, just by snapping a couple of digital photos of my sculpted clay characters and importing them into iClone; I can move from the physical 3D world into the virtual 3D universe in minutes.

James Martin Bulldog Graphics, FL USA

iClone provides me with a great way to produce quality animations as fast as I can imagine the storyline, with my own characters as virtual puppets. This helps a lot to quickly set up my blocking, shots, extreme camera angles, and any othert 3D situations I might feel to be beneficial to the production. With all the output options available through IClone it's easy to take my end product and go into something like After Effects or any post program and continue adding to my 3D animation video project.

Animating with iClone is a snap. With features like the iClone Motion Editor built in to the software (iClone Studio) I can tweak each and every 3D character motion to perfection. This provides complete control over my characters body movement. And with the CrazyTalk engine, getting exactly what you want with your facial animation is just as simple. When you’re provided with tools such as these to apply to your creation, it's hard not to produce a work of art every time.
iClone is fast, easy, and a great solution for those users who just don't all the hassle of other 3D software, but do want an excellent way to create, animate, and appreciate quality avatars.
Thank you Reallusion! iClone is awesome!" -- James Martin, Artist

Be one of the iClone 3D Artists in Action

Reallusion is amazed by the creativity we often see from our user community. Everyone demonstrates an imaginative style through their creations using Reallusion animation software. We would like to share some of the great stories and artwork produced by our talented customers and have the opportunity to let them share their experience creating with Reallusion tools in their own words. We are also excited to hear from more of our customers who would like to share their story on how they create, animate, an share with Reallusion products. Tell us your story.


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