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Developer Spotlight

Quotes from Chris:

“I have found Reallusion to be an innovative forward thinking company.

After working with iClone product for several months now, I have discovered that the Reallusion team has created a well-polished, easy to use product that is really going to satisfy the need for rapid development of 3D character driven content.

Considering we are only at version 1.0 of iClone, I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

I think this represents a whole new series of tools that, in the right hands, can deliver professional level results to a global audience.”

-Chris Murray,
Autodesk Certified
3D Studio Max
Training Specialist

Chris Murray
Autodesk Certified 3ds Max Training Specialist
& Author of the iClone developer guides and videos

Chris Murray is the creator of all iClone 3DS Max developer documentation and training tools that introduce the process of utilizing Autodesk 3D Studio Max to create custom 3D models and characters for use inside iClone. Chris instructs within the 3D Studio Max production pipline so 3D Studio Max artists can easlily learn how to being creating 3D models for iClone. Chris' approach to software training is clear and comprehensive giving you detailed documentation and visuals to guide you into and through the iClone custom 3D content creation process.

Chris Murray's Bio:

Chris Murray is seasoned production veteran, experienced instructor and entrepreneur. His creative talents and understanding of 3D graphics has enabled him to create content for well-known clients such as CNN.com, Walt Disney Attractions, CanonUSA, and Sega. Recent clients include Reallusion, Animill, and Turbosquid. He is the founder of CME Gamelabs, a graphics production studio and consulting firm in Orlando. Besides his commercial success, Murray has maintained a career-long relationship with learning. While at the University of Central Florida, Murray has contributed as a member of the adjunct faculty in the School of film and Digital Media, within the Media Convergence Laboratory developing cutting edge 3D immersive entertainment technologies as Senior Content Producer, and formerly as Associate Director of the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy—a cutting edge school for video game development. Currently he is Associate Course Director for Interactive 3D at Full Sail.

Chris has presented to hundreds of interactive media, Internet, and 3D professionals internationally. He has presented at the Game Developers Conference, Web 2000, 3D Design Conference, IBC Europe, and SIGGRAPH exhibit. He has also provided key consultations for Boeing, United Space Alliance (NASA), Lockheed Martin, Disney Imagineering, and Westinghouse.

He continues to keep up his accreditation as one of only 18 certified instructors worldwide for the 3D Studio Max software developed by Discreet. Chris has also taken the time to author a book, Mastering 3D Studio Max.

He was personally responsible for the 2nd most downloaded news graphic from CNN.com—the USS Cole 3D Simulation. He had nothing to do with the most downloaded news graphic—the Ken Starr Report. He is now working on the most important project of his life, learning to be a dad and having a blast with his infant son—Liam.

Contact Information:
1326 Stetson St.
Orlando, FL 32804


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